My Portfolio

My portfolio is compiled of the many types of design I have explored. Including, web design, film/video design, graphic design, computer design, and interior design. Throughout my academic career, I enjoyed exploring different techniques of producing art through film/video, web design, computer generated and hand created 2-D and 3-D pieces.


Below are the websites I am working on during my internship and my final web design project. Throughout my internship I have been responsible for writing and editing content, updating website style and layout, solving code problems, and site maintenance for 8 websites. I created my final project within the parameters of the assignment. This site will help people understand and learn some of the basic languages used in web design and the history behind it.

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Graphic Designs and Art work

Another form of design I enjoy creating is graphic designs. Both movie poster 1 and movie poster 2 were created using both Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. I was given the job of creating two different movie posters of a proposed upcoming movie named Offshore. The surf board design was created using Illustrator. For this project, my objective was to create the design of a surf board for a surfing competition including the name of the competition, the year, and the sponsor. The restaurant signs were also created in Illustrator. My task was to design two different signs for a fine dining restaurant, with one of the signs being more elaborate than the other. I used Photoshop and Illustrator to design and create the proposed CD case. The project consisted of creating the band name and song titles as well as the design of the case. The images for these projects provided by

I also created 2D and 3D works of art, both hand done and computer generated. Geometric and Geometric Ocean were created by hand. Geometric is a line drawing. Geometric Ocean is the same line drawing with the addition of cut paper applied to the design. The monochromatic was created through the use of Illustrator. The Wave and New media are two 3D printed figures I created in Blender, then printed to create 3D sculptures.


With the use of video and film, I was able to combine most of the elements of design I previously learned. I created narrative and non narrative videos, video art, documentaries, and even music videos. Despite being from different genres of film, each project combines the use of cinematography, sound, and editing to produce a story.

Interior design

The images below are my interior design portfolio. I completed my degree in interior design before continuing my education in design.